St. Louis Food Co Op or CSA

csa food coop St. LouisWho doesn’t want to eat? Of course, everyone loves food, that is why the food business continues to grow in so much popularity and is perceived to thrive in the future. However, more and more people are becoming even more particular with the food they eat. Many are opting for healthier, natural food options on the market. These days, everyone seems to want to eat better, so the idea of organic and local food appears to be a common option.

CSA – Food Coop

In various parts of the country, food sources may need to travel long distances before they reach your table. So, how could you get your food closer to your home and enjoy fresher food without paying hefty cash? One of the best options to consider is joining a local food co-op.

What is a CSA?: The National Cooperative Business Association stated that food co-ops deliver high quality groceries at best values to their members. Food cooperatives are voluntary, non-profit organizations formed for the mutual financial benefits of the members and are controlled and owned by their customers. They may specialize in organic, locally grown and natural foods and can operate in purchasing large supermarkets, retail stores or clubs.

Join a St. Louis CSA or Food Co Op

Joining a local St Louis food co-op has been an attractive option for an increasing number of people due to its incredible benefits. Some of which include the following:

Open Membership. Membership to co-op is open to all individuals who are able to use the services and willing to accept all the roles of membership. Depending on the organization, there are some restrictions on various basis, including gender, race, religion or associated with other protected class.

Community Oriented. If you want to get involved and become a volunteer or give back to the community, joining co-op will help you achieve that. If you have always wanted to reach out to people but did not know how, food cooperatives can give you the opportunity to do so. It will allow you to directly work with your neighbors.

Focus on High Quality Local Food. Although every food co-op is different, boards and members often seek out organic, local, premium quality foods, as well as dry goods that may be limited, or not at all available at traditional stores or supermarkets. Food cooperatives may also have established close relationships with suppliers and producers that deliver high quality food items and products.

Commitments to Enrichment and Education. A lot of local STL food cooperatives devote resources and significant time to community development, outreach activities and educational programming. Some food co-ops even sponsor non-profit organizations such as shelters, food banks, clinics and more.

Tax Considerations. The Small Business Administration revealed that US-based co-ops are designated as pass-through organizations and are not subject to any federal business taxes. However, it is important to note that they are liable for any personal taxes on surpluses or profits obtained.

Whether you are thinking of joining food co-ops or you’re already a member, it is important to take note of these amazing benefits of joining the cooperative.

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