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There is nothing quite like a nice bowl of soup to warm you up in cold weather. Although chicken noodle soup and tomato soups are popular, there are a number of other soups that are loved by people of ethnic cuisines. Nothing quite beats a piping hot bowl of soup and so here is a look at some popular types of soups from different parts of the world.

Avgolemono is a very popular Greek soup. This is a nice chicken soup that is mixed with some eggs and rice. Tasty lemon juice is added to give it an excellent flavor. The term avgolemono means egg-lemon and this soup lives up to its name thanks to its lemony chicken and eggs. The nice thing about this soup is it can be prepared in just thirty minutes. Find Greek restaurants in St. Louis.

Soups in St. Louis

The Mexicans also love their soups. For them there is a Mexican soup called caldo de pollo which is filled with the most flavored ingredients including jalapeno, avocado and even cilantro. It is a truly delicious soup that is going to warm you up! Check out these Mexican restaurants in St. Louis.

Koreans have a special place in their hearts for a soup that they call the yukgaejang. This is a traditional soup that is made with vegetables and beef. It is made with brisket and is spicy and the perfect soup for a cold winter night. Check out these Korean restaurants in St. Louis.

You normally may not associate a soup with Egyptians but they do have a very nice soup that is well loved in Egypt as well as in Lebanese cuisine. This may not be a popular soup in the West but once you taste this flavored soup, you will soon fall in love with it. Its main ingredient is the molokhia which is a jute leaf that you cannot buy in any supermarket but in an ethnic store. This soup also contains cumin and cloves and these are what give the soup a very special Middle Eastern flavor. When eaten with some rice or bread, it will prove to be a very filling dish.

The Poles love their soups and in particular they love the traditional cabbage soup. This soup is normally served with some rye bread though if you want you can also try it with some brown rice. It contains plenty of pork and cabbage as well as some sauerkraut. Check out European restaurants in St. Louis.

Loved by Brazilians

The Brazilians also love their soups and though they like to eat a lot of meat, they also have a very nice soup which is called the feijoada, a bean soup. This particular soup contains a lot of bacon and pork shoulder as well as beef ribs and ham hoc, which gives the soup its special flavor. The nice thing about this soup is it is very hearty and fills a hungry stomach very well. Visit here if you looking for a Brazilian restaurant in St. Louis.

An Indonesian specialty

We all love chicken soup, but if you are looking for one that is somewhat different, then be sure to check out the Soto Ayam from Indonesia. This soup is yellow and has plenty of spice and is very popular not only in Indonesia but also in Singapore as well as in Malaysia. It contain splenty of aromatics including coriander and turmeric as well as ginger.

This is just a brief summary of some of the different types of soups you will find at restaurants in St. Louis.

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