What is clean eating?

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What do people mean when they talk about “clean eating”?

When somebody talks about clean eating they are referring to the consumption of whole foods which include items like fruits and vegetables as well as lean proteins and healthy fats. At the same time, these people also limit their intake of processed foods and sweets and they also do not consume much of any packaged food.

Whole foods

Clean eating is also about eating more of whole foods. This means that people talking about clean eating are referring to their habit of consuming more of fruits and vegetables and limiting their intake of processed and packaged foods. In order to limit your intake of highly processed and packaged foods, you would be concentrating on eating only natural foods. And, when buying foods, you need to look at the label for the inclusion of whole-grains and dried apples as well as flaxseed and cinnamon. At the same time, you would also want to limit your intake of any ingredient that you do not recognize. Thus, if you see ingredients like carnauba wax or soy lecithin and any artificial flavors, then you would be interested in avoiding these food items.

Cut salt and sugar

Another aspect of clean eating is you will want to also limit your intake of salt and sugar as well as fat. Furthermore, you also will want to avoid any food that contains ingredients that are far removed from their natural state. Thus, instead of choosing apple juice you will want to choose whole apple and instead of chicken nuggets you will want to consume a fresh piece of chicken breast.

Not all processed foods are bad

Not all processed foods are bad because in the case of pasteurization, it helps to make your eggs and dairy products good for consumption. Frozen fruits are also ok as too are frozen vegetables.

Home cooking is good for you

It also pays to prepare more of your food at home and clean eating also means that you will eat most of your food in St Louis at home after preparing it at home. In the beginning, you may want to choose a simple meal to help you develop the right clean eating habits. Thus, by beginning with Greek yogurt and fresh berries you can create a breakfast that adheres to the principles of clean eating.

Show flexibility

Keep in mind that clean eating is not a black and white endeavor. You can show flexibility and make modifications to suit your needs. Keep in mind that you also won’t need to avoid any food groups because clean eating does not force you into eating foods in raw state. It is ok to cook and pasteurize as well as preserve your foods.

The bottom line is clean eating means loading up on more fruits and vegetables. It also means that you should eat more whole grains while at the same time also limiting your intake of meats. You also need to watch out for foods that are processed and if you do need to consume processed foods then concentrate on those like plain yogurt and cheese as well as whole-wheat pasta. Be sure to also limit your intake of sugar and be careful you do not consume too much sodium. Last but not least, keep a close watch on the environment and make sure you eat only those foods that help to preserve and not harm the environment.

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