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BBQ restaurants in St Louis are always fun to visit as the atmosphere is often very casual, relaxed and playful. The best part is, the food is spectacular. Barbecue restaurants vary in terms of the type of food that is served. St. Louis loves it some BBQ ribs or even a special event like a pig roast. Some restaurants like to serve Mediterranean or Oriental cuisine, while others are heavily influenced by Asian or American cuisine. No matter what type of cuisine a restaurant goes with, all have this in common: the manner in which the food is cooked. BBQ style cooking involves using wood, an open flame, and charcoal.

St. Louis BBQ Restaurants

Sugarfire St. Louis

Sugarfire Smoke House From the use of local ingredients, to the awesome culinary exploits of our world-trained chefs and pit masters, the barbecue we make is exceptional.

Iron Barley has been popular for years and specializes in smoked meats and craft beers. Come visit us in our new location in High Ridge.

Doc’s Smokehouse   618-656-6060  We are a Pro BBQ Circuit team that opened a brick and mortar store. We have hundreds of BBQ awards for our custom smoked meats.

Kenrick’s Meats and Catering  is an old fashioned butcher shop, providing you with the freshest, highest quality meats in the St. Louis area since 1945.

Seamus McDaniel’s  We are a family restaurant serving the community some of the finest food in the area since 1985. Located in Dogtown just across from the zoo, come visit us!

More modern STL restaurants may use electric grills. Some STL food places have gotten so creative with their methods that they sometimes prepare and serve the food outdoors.

One reason why barbecue is so popular in St. Louis is because of the sauces that are served. Many restaurants spring up on the left and the right just to compete with other restaurants. Often times the sauce served alongside the food is the ‘secret weapon’. Many of the best St Louis restaurants offer their own unique flavours and characteristics. For instance, some serve mayonnaise with their slaw while others prefer to leave it out.

More BBQ Restaurants in Saint Louis

Best BBQ in St. Louis

While the sauces served with the dishes may vary in different states, the type of food served is the same. Meat, poultry and fish are the types of food most commonly used in barbecue restaurants. Popular dishes include everything from grilled lobster to grilled corn. Typical items found on a St Louis barbecue  menu include grilled steaksgrilled hotdogs, and burgers, gourmet sausages, marinated skirt, steak, teriyaki chicken strips, Korean BBQ, beef spareribs, pork tenderloin and lamb chops.

BBQ restaurants in Memphis like to use tomato and vinegar-based sauces while Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee usually serve their pork dishes with a sweet, tomato-based sauce. In Kansas, restaurants like to experiment with different types of meat for their dishes. Kentucky is the one state that is set apart in terms of food that is served. BBQ restaurants in Kentucky like to serve mutton. At present, Lexington, Kentucky is known as ‘The Barbecue Capital of the World’.

St. Louis Barbecue

And while grilled poultry, seafood and meat are delicious types of food, BBQ restaurants also serve grilled vegetable dishes on the side like grilled vegetable platters, bacon-wrapped asparagus, Greek-style squash, grilled corn with chive butter, grilled garden veggies, grilled portbello with mozzarella salad, potatoes plus, grilled corn dip, grilled vegetable sandwich, and grilled vegetable medley. Grilled fruits are also sometimes served for dessert. This might include grilled pineapple, cinnamon apples, grilled pears, grilled brown sugar bananas, honey basted nectarines, rum and pineapple kebabs, and stuffed peaches on the grill.

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