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A St. Louis bed and breakfast is a great place to stay for many reasons including the atmosphere, the food, and the cozy appeal. Bed and breakfasts are a combination of morning café and hotel, and you can enjoy the pleasure of both when you stay. The following are just a few of the great reasons to stay at a bed and breakfast in St. Louis.

Bed and Breakfasts St. Louis

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Supporting Local Communities – One of the most notable things about a bed and breakfast is that they are typically ‘mom and pop’ owned, or owned by small families. This means that by staying at a small bed and breakfast, you are supporting your local community rather than a large chain, which is beneficial for you as well as for the community. Supporting small communities helps to support families rather than large chains, which supports local growth.

A Great Meal – While you won’t get any fancy five star dinner, you will get a great meal, and usually home cooked. If you like the comforts of a full breakfast made by someone who cares, a bed and breakfast is likely a good place to go. Most STL hotels only offer a complimentary continental breakfast which is generally loaded with sugar and far from healthy or nutritious. At a bed and breakfast you can get pancakes, bacon, eggs, and even fruit.

Free Amenities – Forget pulling out your wallet for every little thing, the typical St. Louis bed and breakfast offers everything from free wifi to complimentary refreshments. Lacking a mini-bar but great on free bottles of water and other refreshments, a STL bed and breakfast is great for your budget. Much like St. Louis restaurants, a B&B thrive on return customers which means that their aim is to make you feel welcome, and feel like staying again. If you feel like family while you were there, most bed and breakfasts have achieved their goal. 90% of bed and breakfasts also offer free wifi, so you’ll benefit from staying connected as well.

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Lower Rates – Despite the many amenities, research shows that the average bed and breakfast has a lower stay per night rate than a typical two or three star hotel. This means that you can enjoy great food, pleasant company, a warm welcome, and genuine people for less than the cost of a stay at a commercial hotel. Considering you’re also supporting the local St. Louis economy, you’re definitely winning all the way around.

There are many great reasons to go and stay at a bed and breakfast in St. Louis. From great service when you show up to great food when you wake up, you can enjoy luxurious travel no matter what your budget. Bed and breakfasts are typically affordable, friendly, comfortable, and often offer higher quality bedding and amenities than overpriced hotel chains. If you’re still not convinced, consider staying at one for your next trip and see if the owners don’t change your mind. Typically a bed and breakfast is run by just a few people so most of them will get to know you personally during your stay.