What is clean eating?

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What do people mean when they talk about “clean eating”?

When somebody talks about clean eating they are referring to the consumption of whole foods which include items like fruits and vegetables as well as lean proteins and healthy fats. At the same time, these people also limit their intake of processed foods and sweets and they also do not consume much of any packaged food.

Whole foods

Clean eating is also about eating more of whole foods. This means that people talking about clean eating are referring to their habit of consuming more of fruits and vegetables and limiting their intake of processed and packaged foods. In order to limit your intake of highly processed and packaged foods, you would be concentrating on eating only natural foods. And, when buying foods, you need to look at the label for the inclusion of whole-grains and dried apples as well as flaxseed and cinnamon. At the same time, you would also want to limit your intake of any ingredient that you do not recognize. Thus, if you see ingredients like carnauba wax or soy lecithin and any artificial flavors, then you would be interested in avoiding these food items.

Cut salt and sugar

Another aspect of clean eating is you will want to also limit your intake of salt and sugar as well as fat. Furthermore, you also will want to avoid any food that contains ingredients that are far removed from their natural state. Thus, instead of choosing apple juice you will want to choose whole apple and instead of chicken nuggets you will want to consume a fresh piece of chicken breast.

Not all processed foods are bad

Not all processed foods are bad because in the case of pasteurization, it helps to make your eggs and dairy products good for consumption. Frozen fruits are also ok as too are frozen vegetables.

Home cooking is good for you

It also pays to prepare more of your food at home and clean eating also means that you will eat most of your food in St Louis at home after preparing it at home. In the beginning, you may want to choose a simple meal to help you develop the right clean eating habits. Thus, by beginning with Greek yogurt and fresh berries you can create a breakfast that adheres to the principles of clean eating.

Show flexibility

Keep in mind that clean eating is not a black and white endeavor. You can show flexibility and make modifications to suit your needs. Keep in mind that you also won’t need to avoid any food groups because clean eating does not force you into eating foods in raw state. It is ok to cook and pasteurize as well as preserve your foods.

The bottom line is clean eating means loading up on more fruits and vegetables. It also means that you should eat more whole grains while at the same time also limiting your intake of meats. You also need to watch out for foods that are processed and if you do need to consume processed foods then concentrate on those like plain yogurt and cheese as well as whole-wheat pasta. Be sure to also limit your intake of sugar and be careful you do not consume too much sodium. Last but not least, keep a close watch on the environment and make sure you eat only those foods that help to preserve and not harm the environment.

Wedding Cakes St. Louis

Wedding Cakes St. Louis

Getting Married? Congratulations! As the wedding season begins to bloom, the one shop that gets into designing are the cake shop. Every newlywed couple wants to break away from the tradition and get a unique wedding cake that symbolizes them and shows off their unique personalities. Diving into the flavors and design of the cake, It is imperative to find the perfect St Louis wedding cake designer who can get their ideas inside the flour, milk, flavor and icing. Here are some tips to help you find the best wedding cake designer in St Louis.

St. Louis Bakery St. Louis Wedding Reception

Diving into the flavors and design of the cake, It is imperative to find the perfect St Louis wedding cake designer who can get their ideas inside the flour, milk, flavor and icing. Here are some tips to help you find the best wedding cake designer in St Louis.

There are a few things to keep in mind when meeting a cake designer so that the outcome of the meeting is as creamy and smooth as the cake itself. Think about the design of the cake. Think of the design that you wanted, google it and mix up your ideas. Your baker will then understand what your requirements are and can implement your ideas with his expertise. This enables them to come up with an original which no one has seen before.  Inform your cake designer of your budget and he or she will help you to attain that price target. This way both the parties will be happy and the cake will be at its best.

Tier-cake is what normally you see for the wedding. One should have a clear idea on how many people are coming for the wedding so the size of the cake can be decided. One doesn’t want to have a smaller cake with fewer decorations. At the same time, you don’t want to have giant cake for a small gathering.

Make sure that the cake designer understands your style and tries to create the cake that you want. Every cake designer have their own style which might not reflect your. So, find a wedding cake designer or caterer in St. Louis who has the same taste as you!

You might of the saying that “Cheap cakes ain’t good and good cakes ain’t cheap”. So, if you don’t want to be embarrassed by the bad shaped cake at your wedding, don’t get attracted to the funny prices online.

It’s always good to go to a cake designer whose work you might have seen or liked at someone else’s wedding.

Hope the tips above will help you have a creamy scrumptious wedding cake!

Best soups at St. Louis restaurants

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There is nothing quite like a nice bowl of soup to warm you up in cold weather. Although chicken noodle soup and tomato soups are popular, there are a number of other soups that are loved by people of ethnic cuisines. Nothing quite beats a piping hot bowl of soup and so here is a look at some popular types of soups from different parts of the world.

Avgolemono is a very popular Greek soup. This is a nice chicken soup that is mixed with some eggs and rice. Tasty lemon juice is added to give it an excellent flavor. The term avgolemono means egg-lemon and this soup lives up to its name thanks to its lemony chicken and eggs. The nice thing about this soup is it can be prepared in just thirty minutes. Find Greek restaurants in St. Louis.

Soups in St. Louis

The Mexicans also love their soups. For them there is a Mexican soup called caldo de pollo which is filled with the most flavored ingredients including jalapeno, avocado and even cilantro. It is a truly delicious soup that is going to warm you up! Check out these Mexican restaurants in St. Louis.

Koreans have a special place in their hearts for a soup that they call the yukgaejang. This is a traditional soup that is made with vegetables and beef. It is made with brisket and is spicy and the perfect soup for a cold winter night. Check out these Korean restaurants in St. Louis.

You normally may not associate a soup with Egyptians but they do have a very nice soup that is well loved in Egypt as well as in Lebanese cuisine. This may not be a popular soup in the West but once you taste this flavored soup, you will soon fall in love with it. Its main ingredient is the molokhia which is a jute leaf that you cannot buy in any supermarket but in an ethnic store. This soup also contains cumin and cloves and these are what give the soup a very special Middle Eastern flavor. When eaten with some rice or bread, it will prove to be a very filling dish.

The Poles love their soups and in particular they love the traditional cabbage soup. This soup is normally served with some rye bread though if you want you can also try it with some brown rice. It contains plenty of pork and cabbage as well as some sauerkraut. Check out European restaurants in St. Louis.

Loved by Brazilians

The Brazilians also love their soups and though they like to eat a lot of meat, they also have a very nice soup which is called the feijoada, a bean soup. This particular soup contains a lot of bacon and pork shoulder as well as beef ribs and ham hoc, which gives the soup its special flavor. The nice thing about this soup is it is very hearty and fills a hungry stomach very well. Visit here if you looking for a Brazilian restaurant in St. Louis.

An Indonesian specialty

We all love chicken soup, but if you are looking for one that is somewhat different, then be sure to check out the Soto Ayam from Indonesia. This soup is yellow and has plenty of spice and is very popular not only in Indonesia but also in Singapore as well as in Malaysia. It contain splenty of aromatics including coriander and turmeric as well as ginger.

This is just a brief summary of some of the different types of soups you will find at restaurants in St. Louis.

St. Louis Food Co Op or CSA

csa food coop St. LouisWho doesn’t want to eat? Of course, everyone loves food, that is why the food business continues to grow in so much popularity and is perceived to thrive in the future. However, more and more people are becoming even more particular with the food they eat. Many are opting for healthier, natural food options on the market. These days, everyone seems to want to eat better, so the idea of organic and local food appears to be a common option.

CSA – Food Coop

In various parts of the country, food sources may need to travel long distances before they reach your table. So, how could you get your food closer to your home and enjoy fresher food without paying hefty cash? One of the best options to consider is joining a local food co-op.

What is a CSA?: The National Cooperative Business Association stated that food co-ops deliver high quality groceries at best values to their members. Food cooperatives are voluntary, non-profit organizations formed for the mutual financial benefits of the members and are controlled and owned by their customers. They may specialize in organic, locally grown and natural foods and can operate in purchasing large supermarkets, retail stores or clubs.

Join a St. Louis CSA or Food Co Op

Joining a local St Louis food co-op has been an attractive option for an increasing number of people due to its incredible benefits. Some of which include the following:

Open Membership. Membership to co-op is open to all individuals who are able to use the services and willing to accept all the roles of membership. Depending on the organization, there are some restrictions on various basis, including gender, race, religion or associated with other protected class.

Community Oriented. If you want to get involved and become a volunteer or give back to the community, joining co-op will help you achieve that. If you have always wanted to reach out to people but did not know how, food cooperatives can give you the opportunity to do so. It will allow you to directly work with your neighbors.

Focus on High Quality Local Food. Although every food co-op is different, boards and members often seek out organic, local, premium quality foods, as well as dry goods that may be limited, or not at all available at traditional stores or supermarkets. Food cooperatives may also have established close relationships with suppliers and producers that deliver high quality food items and products.

Commitments to Enrichment and Education. A lot of local STL food cooperatives devote resources and significant time to community development, outreach activities and educational programming. Some food co-ops even sponsor non-profit organizations such as shelters, food banks, clinics and more.

Tax Considerations. The Small Business Administration revealed that US-based co-ops are designated as pass-through organizations and are not subject to any federal business taxes. However, it is important to note that they are liable for any personal taxes on surpluses or profits obtained.

Whether you are thinking of joining food co-ops or you’re already a member, it is important to take note of these amazing benefits of joining the cooperative.

STL Food and Restaurant Gift Cards

STL Gift CardPurchasing gifts is always difficult, especially if you are buying for someone who isn’t immediate family or whom you haven’t seen in a long time. Unfortunately, getting a bad gift is almost as bad as not getting a gift at all. Buying a St Louis gift certificate from local STL restaurants on the other hand is always a welcome option, and a great gift that directly supports the local economy

St. Louis Restaurant Gift Cards

They Can Get What They Want – As stated above, a bad gift isn’t good for anyone. Even if someone has liked something in the past, they might already have it, not like it anymore or have received it from someone else. Purchasing a gift certificate from a local St Louis business avoids these potential problems because anyone can use a gift certificate to get what they want. If you’ve ever been in a store and just grabbed what you thought you might like because you didn’t know what else to get, then you definitely understand this one.

Easy – Fast – Have you ever forgotten someone’s birthday or anniversary or whatever it was you were intending to buy a gift for and then realized that you no longer had the time to pick out a gift and then wrap it? Gift cards from local St Louis restaurants make perfect last minute gifts because they are both fast and easy. It is entirely possible to pull into a local business just a few minutes before showing up at a party to purchase a gift certificate. Best of all, you can most likely get it wrapped or even customized right at the store. Local STL gift certificates are also great because they allow you to purchase the exact size of gift that you would like instead of potentially spending a great deal more than you originally intended.

Supports Local Business – Local businesses are the background of our nation. They are the ones who start out small and then get big and they are the ones that provide the personalization and love to business services. While it is possible to get a gift certificate at a larger retail store, buying a gift certificate from a local business allows you to support the economy while getting a great gift. Buying local supports local businesses so that they can stay in business and continue to serve the community.

STL Restaurant Gift Card

Best of all, getting a gift certificate from a local STL business allows you to purchase a certificate from someone’s favorite store. If you know their favorite store, or even a general idea of what they like, you can purchase someone a great gift without bothering to spend a great deal of time thinking it through.

Getting a gift certificate, especially from a local St Louis restaurant or store, gives you the security of purchasing a great gift every time. When you can save money, save time, support the local St Louis economy and reduce the risk of purchasing something that they already have, there is no real reason not to buy a gift certificate from a local business.

Finding the right St. Louis Sports Bar

sports bar St. LouisSt. Louis sports bars are some of the best places to unwind and just enjoy your time with friends and family. But finding the right sports bar is not as simple as you might think. You really have to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t so you can get the best outcome. There are lots of things to keep in mind, which is exactly why we created a quick list to help you.

St. Louis Sports Bar

Comfort is everything

If you want to pick a good sports bar to watch the big game, you might as well go for the comfortable one. The idea is to have fun and enjoy your time there as much as possible. Since you will spend multiple hours there, you might as well focus on comfort above everything else.

Enough space for everyone

Many St Louis bars have a very small space due to their location. That’s why you have to make sure that this sports bar you want to go to has enough space to fit all your group. If not, then you might have to go to another sports bar. But yes, space is very important at all times. If you plan on bringing a large group, it may be wise to call ahead of time to check out what kind of seating is available. You may also want to inquire if your group should make a reservation.

Does it have enough TVs?

When you go to a sports bar, the last thing you want is for them to have a single TV. Usually the best sports bars will have at least a couple TVs, just because it’s easier to host more people that way and they will have a great time no matter what.

Sound system

Do they rely on the TV sound or they actually have a dedicated sound system? Sure, this might sound like a first world problem initially. But as you go along you realize that a good sound system is extremely important and it’s the bread and butter of something like this. As long as you focus on that and you do everything you can to achieve a great outcome, results can be really impressive all the time.

Sport Bars in St. Louis


Prices are important too. You really have to figure out exactly what budget you have and if you can afford that particular sports bar. Let’s face it, many sports bars are known for being expensive. Therefore, it’s important to know what you are getting into with stuff like this. It won’t be a huge issue at first, but it is something to consider.

These are all minor things for some people, but in the end, they will influence your time in that sports bar. That’s why you have to take all details into account if you really want to have a good time there. It will be well worth it in the end, so just consider giving this a shot and you will be amazed with how great the experience can really be in the end. Do try and stick to your budget, because it’s easy to get carried away with spending money in a sports bar!

What Do STL Restaurants Mean When Call Their Cuisine as Fusion?

fusion food St. LouisFusion: The simple definition of fusion food is a dish that uses one or more cultures. Many St. Louis restaurants use the term to exhibit simple cultural diversity, while others use it to literally say that they offer fusion dishes combining one culture with another. Salads with Nori, poached tofu, and taco pizza are all common examples of traditional fusion dishes. Most restaurants that offer ‘fusion’ cuisine offer a mix or blend of different foods from different cultures, but typically start out with a main cultural type of food. For example, Asian Fusion is the most common type of fusion cuisine. However, St. Louis Mexican restaurants, French and Pacific Rim each have their own distinct flavors of fusion foods.

Fusion Cuisine

Where to Find Fusion Cuisine: Most people don’t realize that many of the foods we eat today are in fact fusion foods. For example, the traditional Egg-Roll is a fusion of the Chinese Lumpia and American cuisine. In Sushi, the ever popular ‘California Maki Roll’ is also fusion food, once again fusing American culture with Japanese culture. For the most part, fusion cuisine is very easy to find, and many restaurants serve it without promoting it. Many popular and common fusions have been around for centuries. However, if you’re looking for new and modern fusion, then you can quite simply do a web search for the type of fusion food you’re looking for.

Is all Fusion Food Good?: While there have been many very successful fusion dishes, some are quite simply not appealing to many people. If you want to start experimenting with fusion food consider taking it slow and trying dishes with familiar ingredients. For example, trying a roast with wasabi sauce might be too big of a first step, especially if you’re not familiar with wasabi. In general, the majority of fusion cuisine served in restaurants is quite good, but you should check with the restaurants reviews first to make sure that they have a good reputation and good food.

Fusion Food

While fusion cuisine first became popular in the 1970s it is now one of the hottest food trends in the world. Hundreds of new restaurants are opening up, specializing in new and unique dishes that combine flavors, cultures, and ingredients to create some really unique dishes. For that reason, you can now easily find and try fusion cuisine in St. Louis, as well as any other major American city.

Vegan and Vegetarian Food at St. Louis Restaurants

vegan food St. LouisVegetarian meal was undoubtedly not genuinely associated with fine dining, but today a new age of stylish, modern restaurants providing meat-free excellent meals are banishing the sector’s past reputation. The range of top vegetarian restaurants is growing fast, regardless of the economic downturn, prompted by culinary advancement by top chefs, interest in healthy and balanced lifestyles as well as an increasing notion that carnivorous delicacies are bad for the natural environment. A good number of food enthusiasts are the growing number of meat-eaters who are prepared on taking less flesh – so-called “meat-reducers”– not to mention the estimated five million Britons that are entirely or partly vegetarian.

Vegan Restaurant St. Louis

Vegan food eateries or dining places are now common in a lot more locales all across the United States as well as other nations around the world. Hence vegetarians are incredibly pleased to have more options. The increasing number of restaurants that offers such meals is merely a section of the living food movement that is bringing some innovative ideas in taste, and this has been seen to be flourishing by providing a complete diet plan for vegans, and it is seen to add color to the American restaurant goers.

This info is reprinted courtesy of STL Food

People that live the natural vegetarian or real vegan lifestyle are usually comfortable with the tastes and textures of a natural food diet. However, a good number of average consumers are uninitiated to this feature until they stumble upon a local food restaurant and sit to try taking these meals. This progression began just a couple of years ago, and it is getting on and even expanding remarkably. Although a lot of people could immediately visualize a mini, homey, hole-in-the-wall restaurant, this is what comes to the mind of many when they first hear of such restaurant. As to the rising popularity and others from all walks of life and also pulling in celebrity enthusiasts, it wouldn’t be shocking to find a vegan food restaurant at the neighborhood with a premier package, a trendy eatery featuring the haute delicacies of vegan foods.

St. Louis Vegan Food

More often, these restaurants that feature vegan foods are sprouting up as well as relishing improved awareness in strip malls, in beautiful regions, in renovated buildings in up and coming spots, along with great thoroughfares, as well as in premier unique locations. As a matter of fact, in most cases from the outer surface or exterior, such a food restaurant might seem to be just another appealing cafe or diner that is meant to make customers feel comfortable and welcomed.

In conclusion, people who choose to embark on living the vegan lifestyle consume fresh fruits and uncooked veggies, and also nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, and sprouts. A significant number of people claim they feel better, more vibrant and enjoy better health and wellbeing in general by following such a food diet plan and many even state that health problem and disorder has been corrected. Given that most of these rewards are avidly being desired by many, just like the baby boomer generation, the chances that more vegan food restaurant will be seen in greater numbers in the coming years is very high, since people are beginning to understand the importance.

Culinary School in St. Louis

culinary school St. LouisDo you want to become a chef and someday manage your own STL restaurants or chains of restaurants? The starting step for realizing this is to join the best culinary school possible that provides hands – on training. While the task maybe fun and fulfilling, it involves a lot of difficulty and investment of creativity which asks for proper training at the learning level. This is where the role of culinary schools play an important part.  If the proper education is acquired through the culinary schools, they learn everything that is required to carry forward and enhance the skill of cooking. Here are the things you MUST consider before opting for any culinary school in St. Louis:

  • Accreditation

If the culinary school has made a mark in the industry by providing quality education and training, then it must have earned recognitions and accreditations. The most valuable accreditation is one of ACFFAC ( American Culinary Federal Foundation Accrediting Commission). Give preference to schools which have this certification.

  • The Program

There is a lot of diversity under culinary arts depending on what type of business you want to step in. Whether it is a wedding banquet or a St. Louis restaurant manager or even a hotel chef, all the content in these courses will not exactly be the same. Make sure you go through the content and see if it aligns with your future desire.

  • Costs

It is important to know the average price in the market for each course before choosing one. Also, make sure that the school is within the budget you have planned and knowing the costs beforehand, lets you set out financial plans during your education.

  • Facilities

It is obvious that no field of education requires just the classroom learning. The St. Louisculinary school must have adequate essential facilities which can enhance learning and the quality of life in the institution.

  • Teachers

Most of the art is learnt from the teachers alone and a student is usually as good as the teacher at the start. So it is essential that the teachers know what should do to impart the highest quality education and must enhance the learning of the student by providing learning from their experiences. Also, the professors must be friendly.

  • Alumni

One more important factor to consider is the graduates who have passed out from the school. Do a small research to see where all they have been placed and to what extent has the course from that particular institute benefit them.

All in all, do your homework before enrolling to an institution so that you can have the most productive years possible ahead. All the best!

This information is reprinted courtesy of STL Schools.