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Looking for Cherokee Street restaurants? Great news! You have come to the right place. Cherokee has a diverse history, and diversity seems to exemplify the flavor and style of the neighborhood. With  MexicanItalianSpanish, Irish, and German influences thriving side by side, a varied food and art culture, and ethnicity blending together to create a whole. The area is varied, with a rich history and culture. The result is a truly unique part of St. Louis. Many it believe to be one of the best up and coming neighborhoods in the entire STL metro area.

It is popular for its shopping, nightlife, and family friendly restaurants. Whether you’re just visiting, live nearby, or a tourist, there’s plenty to do and see in Cherokee Street, especially if you want to get a taste of the local culture.

Cherokee Street Restaurants

Byrd & Barrel                 314-875-9998            American

Earthbound Beer 314-769-9576 Brewery

Fortune Teller                314-776-2337             Bar

La Vallesana                   314-776-4223             Mexican

Lemp Mansion               314-664-8024             American

Morning Glory Diner 314-261-4842 Breakfast

The Mud House              314-776-6599             Deli, Coffee

Revel Kitchen                  314-932-5566            Health Food

Taqueria El Bronco        314-762-0691            Mexican

Tower Taco                      314-256-1141            Mexican

Yaquis                               314-400-7112            Pizza

Whisk                                314-932-5166           Bakery

The Whiskey Ring                                              Bar

Nightlife: Cherokee Street is well known for its nightlife, and it’s not a wonder. With dozens of establishments dotting the neighborhood, it’s an easy choice for a night out with friends. STL Bars near Cherokee Street offer custom brews, with cultural diversity. You can find German, Irish, and Mexican beers all on the same street, and go from bar to bar to try them all. The area is a popular destination because of it’s St. Louis local beer and the diversity of the pubs. Some music, live bands, and DJs are to be found, but not as many as in some similar areas. With upscale bars, dancing establishments, and clubs, all side by side, the area has something for everyone. Despite the large amount of St. Louis bars available in the area, the neighborhood restricts which businesses can sell alcohol. This keeps the area as family friendly as possible.

Restaurants Cherokee

Food: Cherokee Street is well known for it’s food, and whether the plethora of quality Mexican and Spanish inspired eateries that dot the street, or classic soul food, there’s a little of something for everyone. The area is, of course, most well known for Mexican food, with over 7 of the restaurants in the area, but St. Louis bakeries, coffee houses, and Italian pizzerias are also available. The result is one of the better food neighborhoods in St. Louis, with a mix of food cultures, and very good STL restaurants available for affordable price ranges. On the opposite side of Cherokee, you can find another small, but thriving scene of eateries and bakeries as well. The food is often as diverse and unique as the street.

Shopping: Cherokee is one of the most diverse and most unique shopping areas in St. Louis, primarily because there aren’t really any chain stores. Where JC Penny and Walgreens used to dominate, there are now small shops and boutiques which offer unique and custom clothing, artwork, collectibles, and gifts, not to be found anywhere else in the city. The result is a perfect place for jaded shoppers to spend the afternoon, or the day, and features plenty of coffee shops and small cafes with sandwiches and desserts, to eat during the day. With seasonal shops as well as markets and boutiques, it’s also important to keep going back throughout the year, especially around local St. Louis festivals, like Cinco De Mayo, when the available shopping is completely different.

Art and Culture: Cherokee Street has an extremely diverse culture, with artists and art styles hailing from around the world. Wherever it’s from, art in Cherokee is extremely visible, with murals, paintings, and mosaics nearly everywhere, and often found for sale in boutiques and up for view in galleries throughout the neighborhood. Cherokee is proud of its culture, and its artists, and as a result, it’s not hard to find something from one of them. With little to no chain stores, almost all of the art is organic and local, which is something incredibly unique, especially for art lovers. The area is also home to extremely diverse architecture, dating back to Victorian periods, and hailing from different cultures and styles, which comes together to create a unique, but beautiful area. With dozens of art galleries and spaces around the neighborhood, there are also plenty of places to go to see and view art.

Cherokee Street is a developing neighborhood, and it’s constantly growing, as are the streets and neighborhoods around it. With new businesses and art events, new St. Louis art galleries, and new events constantly under development, Cherokee has a lot to offer, no matter why you’re going.

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