St. Louis Food Blogs

St. Louis food blogOur objective at is to provide diners with an objective guidebook to local St. Louis restaurants, bars, dining options, STL catering companies and other food related service providers serving the greater metropolitan area. We do not provide St Louis restaurant reviews or advertorials as we feel this has a tendency to harvest conflicts of interests. However, many of our visitors are interested in finding out related food information, St Louis restaurant reviews, recipes, ect. Therefore, we have decided to provide our visitors with a directory of blogs to St Louis restaurants and food related news.

St Louis Food Blogs

Eat It, St. Louis is dedicated to the pure love of food, the artistry and passion of those who create it, and the sheer experience it provides. Each post will focus on one dish that I’d like you to try. Also, don’t be surprised to see “fair food,” cocktails, or road trip explorations take center stage from time to time. Check it out

Barbaric Gulp   I’m often asked what I blog about. As when I first started this blog in 2007, I continue to post new recipes I’ve cooked, new ingredients I’ve tried, and new techniques I’ve learned. I don’t always cook straight from other people’s recipes; my everyday cooking usually involves me throwing something together from whatever is available in the house (from my “own” recipes). However, at least once a week, I like to try something new.

Olla-Podrida is a food and lifestyle blog featuring original and tried-and-true recipes, cooking and baking tutorials, gardening and homekeeping tips, and inspirational tablescapes.  Olla-Podrida is dedicated to serving life and food.

Pastries Like a Pro With 25 years experience owning and operating a wholesale specialty bakery servicing hotels, restaurants and caterers, I am going to share a wealth of information I’ve gained over those years with you.

Eating Local in The Lou  This blog is not just about foods found in the St. Louis region but rather being aware of where our food comes from, celebrating foods from the region and eating foods in season, no matter where we live.

Made Up Meals Paleo Recipes, Breakfast, Lunch, Desserts and more! I usually throw some stuff together and it turns out pretty swell. Bottom line, my super awesome daughter Olivia encouraged me a year or more ago to start writing down the stuff I made so we could have it again because there has not been a meal Ive fixed they didn’t like!