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A Korean dining experience would be a fascinating and an exciting one. The menu items that are being served at Korean restaurants have contributed a lot towards this fact. These dishes are not only being serviced in Korea. People who walk into Korean restaurants that are located in other parts of the world can also think about enjoying these dishes.

Korean Food St. Louis

Soondubu Jiggae: Soondubu Jiggae is another name that is given for stew in Korea. This stew is usually thicker when compared to a soup. However, you cannot expect the same level of thickness as in porridge. When Soondubu Jiggae is cooked in the traditional Korean way, it can be done with just one dish. The Soondubu Jiggae starts with a tasty fish stock and then it offers a slight beef flavor. The taste of Soondubu Jiggae has been enhanced with the use of eggs, silken tofu, hot pepper flakes and shell fish.

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 Asian Kitchen Korean Cuisine  314-989-9377  U City
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 U City Grill  314-721-3073  U City
 Wudon Korean BBQ  314-628-1010  West County

Seolleongtang: Seolleongtang can be considered as one of the most popular soups that are being served in Korea. Only few Korean restaurants serve Seolleongtang because it is a specialized menu item. In fact, it is a time consuming process to make Seolleongtang. Seolleongtang can be considered as one of the most beefiest soups that you will be able to experience at a Korean restaurant. Large pieces of beef are also being added to this soup in order to enhance its taste.

Ddukbokkie: Ddukbokkie is a popular dish that is being served from Korean restaurants, especially at night time. It is possible to see street vendors selling Ddukbokkie during the night time at Seoul. The popularity of Ddukbokkie has made it one of the most widely used dishes in Korean restaurants as well. The sauce that is added to Ddukbokkie is somewhat spicy. However, it comes along with a unique flavor, which you would love. Long cylindrical rice cakes are being used to make this dish. These rice cakes become soft and chewy after they are cooked.

Korean Restaurant St. Louis

Dakjuk: Dakjuk is the traditional Chicken porridge in Korea. If you walk into a Korean restaurant, you will get the opportunity to enjoy it as well. Making Dakjuk would sound like an easy thing to do, but it is not that easy in reality. Plenty of garlic and onions are being added to a pot of water when preparing Dakjuk. In addition, sushi rice is also being added until chicken is done. At a Korean restaurant, you will be able to see Dakjuk as one of the key menu items.

Hoeddeok: Hoeddeok is served as a dessert menu item at Korean restaurants. This is one of the most popular pancake types that are being served by street vendors in Korea. Hoeddeok is much complex when compared to the western pancake. In fact, Hoeddeok is made along with yeast dough.  A mixture of chopped walnuts, brown sugar and cinnamon is also being added to Hoeddeok with the objective of enhancing its taste.