Lorenzo’s Trattoria

Lorenzos-St-LouisLorenzo’s Trattoria Lorenzo’s features Northern Italian cuisine with a touch of contemporary flavor. The menu at Lorenzo’s presents a wide variety of pastas and entrees. Look forward to experiencing the authentic house-made gnocchi and risottos. The entrees include our signature dish, braised ossobuco and our guests’ ever favorite, Chicken Spedini. Lorenzo’s is a departure from the typical white napkin establishment.   In 1999, a young chef, Larry Fuse Jr. saw an opportunity to bring something new and different to the old ways of Italy. Located on “The Hill” Lorenzo’s Trattoria offers an alternative to the traditional. “We have some lovely, strictly Italian restaurants in the neighborhood, but every once in a while, you want a change, Lorenzo’s Trattoria is that change,” says Fuse.

Lorenzo’s Trattoria – Located on The Hill
1933 Edwards Street,
St. Louis, MO 63110

(314) 773-2223