Mexican Food

Mexican restaurant St. LouisMexican food is known to be very rich in variety, flavour and colour. Mexican food is a combination of indigenous cultures as well as European cuisine elements that introduced themselves in the 1700’s. Mexican cuisine would not be considered so without the presence of corn, rice and beans in its dishes. Mexican food generously makes use of tamales, tortillas, squash and chilli peppers.  All of these delicious treats can be found at the these St .Louis restaurants offering Mexican dining and cuisine.

 Mexican Food St. Louis

St. Louis Mexican Restaurants  Phone  Location
 3 Margarita’s

Amigo’s Cantina




South County

 Amigo Joe’s

Azteca Mexican Grill



 The Hill


 Cantina Loredo

Cha Cha Chow




The Hill

 Chavas Mexican Restaurant  314-241-5503  Soulard
 Club Taco  314-858-1488  Kirkwood
 Fort Taco  314-647-2391  Brentwood
 Fuzzy’s Taco Shop  314-968-Taco  South County
 Las Fuentes  314-846-2041  South County
 La Vallesana  314-776-4223  Cherokee Street
 Lily’s Mexican  314-352-1894  South Kingshighway
 Mi Ranchito  314-863-1880  University City
 Mission Taco  314-858-8226  Soulard
 Nachomama’s  314-961-9110  Central County
 Nixta  314-889-9000  Tower Grove
 Pueblo Solis  314-351-9000  St. Louis Hills
 Ramon’s El Dorado  314-344-4465  Collinsville
 Rosalita’s Cantina  314-621-2700  Downtown
 Ruiz  314-838-3500  Florissant
 Seoul Taco  314-863-1148  U City
 Taco Buddha  314-502-9951  U City
 Taco Circus  314-808-2050  South City
 Taqueria El Torito  314-771-8648  Cherokee
 Tower Tacos  314-762-0691  Cherokee
  Yo Salsa  636-856-8444  Wentzville

When it comes to herbs and spices, chiles, cocoa, oregano, cinnamon, epazote and cilantro are some of the most frequently used in Mexican cuisine. Garlic, onions and honey are also rarely absent in many popular Mexican dishes. While to some extent, North America has been successful in authentically replicating many Mexican dishes, there are still some discrepancies that remain. For instance, hard-shelled tacos are more commonly seen in Mexican food in America. In Mexico, tortillas or soft tacos are the traditional choice.

Mexican Restaurant St. Louis

While there is no shortage of Mexican restaurants in St. Louis, the four states that border Mexico (California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico) along with other southwest states including Utah, Nevada and Colorado, have produced the largest number of Mexican restaurants. This can also be attributed to the large Mexican population that can be found within these said states.

Popular Dishes Found at St. Louis Mexican Restaurants

When it comes to appetizers, some of the most popular Mexican dishes include yellow rice, toasted grasshoppers seasoned with salt and lime, rice with lemon, Spanish rice, green rice, tortillas, meatball soup, salty bread, lentil beans, squash, meat or tomato flavoured pasta, noodles, guacamole, salsa, refried beans, Mexican sweet potato, black beans, broth, pinto beans, fruit salad, and noodles.

Mexican restaurant St. LouisFor main courses, some popular Mexican dishes include Mexican meatballs, arroz con pollo, burritos, chicharron, chicken soup, beef soup, tacos, taquitos, cheese soup, empanadas, tortas, shrimp soup, dried shrimp soup, ancas de rana al mojo de ajo, longaniza, menudo, meat and bean broth, seafood soup, tamales, chicken and vegetable soup, fritadas de camaron, chorizo, arroz con camarones, enchiladas, venison, nachos, picadillo, quesadillas, seafood cocktails, bistec a la Mexicana, chilpachole de jaiba, flautas, lengua, camrones al mojo de ajo, sandwiches, tortilla soup, octopus, stewed beef in spiced gravy, and grilled beef.

Mexico is also popular for producing some of the world’s yummiest deserts; including but not limited to rice with milk and sugar, coyotas, rosca de reyes, cajeta, dulce de leche, ice cream, pepitorias, empanadas, pan de muerto, champurrado, flan, tacuarines, pan dulce, Acambaro bread, pastel de tres leches, churros, popsicles, glorias, Carlota de limon, coricos, jamoncillos, pastel de queso, capirotada, platano, chongos zamoranos, biscochos, polvoron, cheesecake, obleas, and alegrias.

Coffee with cinnamon, hot chocolate, Mexican beer, soft drinks, pulque and tube are very popular drinks often served in St. Louis Mexican restaurants. Tequila is also a favourite in Mexican cuisine.