Outdoor Dining

For some, there is nothing more enjoyable that enjoying that perfect day complimented with delicious meal at a St Louis restaurant featuring a nice patio or outdoor seating. Like the current St. Louis food truck craze, Outdoor dining is a quickly growing trend that has hit St Louis restaurants and private homes around the globe. As temperatures warm up for summer, or in the case for St Louis weather – cool off,  many people are moving to St. Louis restaurants and to their own patios to eat and enjoy the summer air. But while outdoor dining is popular in the summer, it’s also increasing in popularity for other times of the year when the weather is pleasant.  Many restaurants in St Louis are installing glass patios or exterior walls to allow their guests to see outside as they eat. While not everyone is taking to this new pastime, it is catching on enough, and in enough places, that it’s a definite hit.

From coast to coast, cities around the nation are implementing food trucks as party of each city’s growing lunch options. St. Louis Food trucks are growing in popularity and have been popping up all over the STL metro area.The demand for mobile food is a high one, especially with workers in out of the way locations that have no real access to freshly prepared food. Food trucks in St. Louis offer anyone everywhere the access to freshly prepared food. While not everyone is going to appreciate it, the majority of people definitely will. STL Food trucks allow more food options to be available in any given area, and often work as great advertisement for whatever local St Louis restaurant or café they are working from.

St. Louis City Restaurants with outdoor seating  Phone Number  Geographical Location Attributes
 Charlie Gitto’s  314-436-2828  The Hill, Downtown  Italian
 Grbic Restaurant  314-772-3100  South City  Bosnian, European
 Guido’s Pizzeria & Tapas  314-771-4900  The Hill  Pizza, Spanish
 Iron Barley  314-351-4500  South City  American
 Lorenzo’s  314-773-2223  The Hill  Italian
 314-776-3100  The Hill  Italian
 Michael’s Restaurant  314-644-2240  Dogtown – Maplewood  Greek American
 Pat Connolly Tavern  314-647-6553  Dogtown  Irish American
 Seamus McDaniel’s  314-645-6337  Dogtown  Irish American
 Wasabi Sushi Bar  Multiple  Multiple Locations  Japanese Sushi
 Yemanja Brasil  314-771-7457  Benton Park  Brazilian Latin American
 St. Louis County Restaurants with outdoor seating  Phone  Geographical Location  Attributes
 Candicci’s  636-220-8989  West County  Italian, Pizza
 Creve Coeur Lakehouse  314-576-7200  Creve Coeur  American
 K Cafe  314-631-2440  South County  American
 Wasabi  Multiple  Multiple Locations  Japanese Sushi
 St. Charles Restaurants featuring outside seating  Phone  Geographic Location  Attributes
 Magpie’s  636-947-3883  St Charles  American
 Wasabi  Multiple  St. Charles  Sushi, Japanese
 Jefferson County Restaurants with outdoor seating  Phone  Geographic Location  Attribute
 Jilly’s Cafe & Steakhouse  636-449-4500  Jefferson County  American, Steaks