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Of County Galway, Ireland, did Mr. Patrick Connolly originally hail. With a Priestly letter in hand, did Patrick traverse the Atlantic Ocean, settling in Dogtown. The successful entrepreneur started Pat’s Bar & Grill in June of 1942.

It was one of many properties “Pat” would own before he entered the “Pearlies.”

Tom McDermott, Pat’s longtime bartender, purchased Pat’s in the 60’s. He and his wife “Jo” held steady the stewardship and ever increasing popularity of “McDermott’s” until Pat Connolly’s daughter, Teresa, and her husband, Paul Jovonovich (of Walter Mitty’s fame) assumed the helm in the early 1980s.

Even as the famed tavern “McDermott’s” returned to Pat’s Bar & Grill, the ever-popular fare of fried foods, especially Chicken, Livers and Shrimp never really changed. A blow of egregious proportion stole Paul (PJ) from Dogtown, his family and us all. It surely was an early “call in” by the Creator, for a job well done. And although Heaven was and is definitely the better for it, Dogtown was and is definitely sadder. A hero to many and a friend to us all. If there has been a sadder day in the land of smiles it has yet to dawn on this scribe.

Pat Connolly Tavern

Pat’s Bar and Grill
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