steaks in St. LouisAlmost everyone in St. Louis loves a good steak. But given the wide selection of steaks out there, how does one choose the type that is exactly right for them? With this article we hope to provide you with useful information on the various types of steaks served at steakhouses and restaurants as well as how they differ from one another in taste, texture and other details. Let’s start with filet mignon. Filet mignon is considered by many meat experts to be the leanest and most tender beef cut. It is taken from a muscle of the cow that is never used and this is why its tenderness is unparalleled. Essentially, filet mignon melts in your mouth. It’s a pleasure to marinate and grilling time is short. It is important not to overcook filet mignon as this will strip the steak of its sumptuous juices.

What are some of the most popular steaks served at local steakhouses in St. Louis? Boneless strip steak is another type of steak that is exceptionally tender. Its size makes it easy to work with and it is a breeze to marinate. The abundant flavour of boneless strip steak also makes it a favourite among many Americans. It is important to choose a doneness that is rare to medium for this cut as not to strip it of moisture. Boneless strip streak is very affordable and is a great choice for everyday meals.

Steakhouses in St. Louis

St. Louis Steaks  Phone  Attributes  Location
 400 Olive  314-554-7098  American  Downtown
 801 Chophouse  314-875-9900  Steaks  Clayton
 Al’s Steakhouse  314-421-6399  Steaks  American
 The Best Steakhouse  314-535-6033  Steaks  Downtown
 Bissell Mansion  314-533-9830  American – Dinner Theater  Downtown
 Bistro 14  314-231-5007  American  Downtown
 Carmine’s Steakhouse  314-241-1631  Steakhouse  Downtown
 Charcoal House  314-968-4842  Steakhouse  Rock Hill
 Citizen Kane’s  314-965-9005  American  Kirkwood
 Clayton’s Restaurant  636-272-7474  American  St. Charles
 Fleming’s  314-567-7610  Steaks  West County
 Gamlin Whiskey House  314-875-9500  American  Central West End
 Iron Barley  314-351-4500  American, Smoked Meats  South St.Louis
 Jilly’s Cafe & Steakhouse  636-449-4500  American, Steaks  Jefferson County
 Kenrick’s Meats & Catering  314-631-2440  Meats, Sandwiches, Catering  South County
 Kobe Steakhouse of Japan  314-469-3900  Japanese, Steakhouse  Maryland Heights
 Kreis Restaurant  314-993-0735  American  Frontenac
 Kyoto Steakhouse of Japan  636-685-0018  Japanese  St. Peters
 Mansion Steakhouse  618-624-0619  Steaks  O’Fallon, Illinois
 Morton’s The Steakhouse  314-725-4008  Steaks  Clayton
 Oishi Steak & Sushi  636-530-1198  Steak, Sushi  West County
 Olive & Oak  314-736-1370  American  Webster Groves
 Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse  314-783-9900  Steaks  Clayton
 Sam’s Steakhouse  314-849-3033  Steaks  South County
 Schneithorst’s  314-993-4100  German, Steaks  West County
 Stoney River  636-536-1301  Steaks  Chesterfield
 Tenderloin Room  314-361-0900  Steaks  Central West End
 Tucker’s Place  Multiple  Steaks & Seafood  Multiple Locations
 Twisted Tree Steakhouse  314-394-3366  Steaks & American  West County

Let’s go to two of the most popular steaks found at restaurants —the T-Bone and the porterhouse. The T-Bone is a combination of the filet mignon and the boneless strip steak.  Throw in more parts of filet and what you have is a porterhouse. The main difference between these two types of steak is the size of the tenderloin. It is important to note that during the grilling process, the strip will take more time to cook than the tenderloin.

Rib-eye steak is not as lean as other types of steak but it is more marbled. This causes it to have more flavour and juice. As the name denotes, it is cut from the beef rib of cattle. Many steak connoisseurs in St. Louis claim that rib-eye is their steak of choice. Rib-eye works great on the grill as it can be grilled to medium without losing its flavour and juiciness. Save this type of steak for a special occasion.
Lastly, the sirloin is the king of bold flavours and one of the most popular entrees served at STL restaurants and steak houses. Cattle tend to use this muscle more than any other muscle in their body. Because of this, it is less tender than other steaks. However, top sirloin is still an excellent choice. Prices are moderate but worth every cent as flavour and tenderness are highly retained by his cut. Sirloin can be grilled from rare to medium. Allow this to sit in the marinade for a couple of hours in order to increase flavor.