sushi restaurants St LouisSushi is a Japanese food that has grown immensely in popularity as of late. Before anything else, what exactly is sushi? Sushi is composed of a roll of rice that has been flavoured with vinegar and is mixed with assorted fillings such as vegetables, egg, mushrooms or raw fish like salmon, tuna or crabsticks. This is then dipped into either a mixture of soy sauce and wasabi or just plain soy sauce. There are now even certain types of sushi plates that are native to the United States, such as California Rolls.

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Popularity of Sushi in St. Louis, Missouri

You may have noticed how sushi has become so popular in St Louis in recent years. Many people tout sushi as an extremely healthy food. This is true; however the fish that is served with the sushi needs to be of absolute freshness. Another reason that sushi is so healthy is because it is served without the use of oil or butter. It can also be considered as a complete meal in itself as it contains carbohydrates, protein and other vitamins and minerals. This plays a huge role in its increasing popularity. Given the fact that fad diets and getting fit are all the rage right now, people want to try anything that can help them lose weight and feel better about themselves.

sushi bar St LouisWhile it may seem trivial, one reason that sushi has achieved the popularity that it has is because of the aesthetic factor involved. The way that food looks is an essential factor that affects peoples perception of it. It is what makes some foods easy to market and advertise and others harder to do so. Sushi is bursting with a variety of colours and interesting flavours that make it a pleasure to partake of. Presentation is key for the Japanese and this is evident in the way that sushi is prepared.

Americans are also known for hopping on the bandwagon whenever anything exotic enters the world of food and cuisine. This is evident in the coconut water craze. Sushi is no exception to this. It is trendy, healthy and pleasing to the eyes. In other words, there is no reason for Americans not to embrace it. This explains why there has been a surge in Japanese restaurants especially in large cities like St Louis, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, New Orleans, and many others.

Whether in your favorite sushi bar or at home, sushi is popular as well because it is relatively easy to prepare. Its ingredients also accommodate vegetarians and vegans. If you make it at home, you can choose whether to include raw fish, egg, or just vegetables in it.