Turkish Restaurants in St. Louis

If you are looking for Turkish restaurants in St. Louis, well, you have come to the right place. Turkish food is popular for being diverse, healthy and delicious. If you’re planning on visiting a Turkish restaurant or visiting Turkey, it might be a good idea for you to brush up on the foods in popular Turkish dishes before you go. Knowing what dishes to order can help you to get the best taste of Turkey, and can prevent you from ordering some of their dishes that require you to ‘develop a taste’ for them. Turkish food has evolved over the centuries to accommodate every taste and budget, and you are almost certain to find something you like. For the most authentic taste of Turkey, try visiting some of their fast food stands, and visiting some of their small, out of the way restaurants as well.

Turkish Restaurants in St. Louis

Grbic Restaurant St. Louis

Grbic Restaurant
Grbic Restaurant, located in South St Louis, offers an atmosphere that transforms one to the days when real artisans and craftsmen walked the Earth. Our kitchen, where everything is freshly prepared, offers the exotic tastes of Bosnia & Eastern Europe such as schnitzel, goulash, fresh seafoods, & choice meats specifically balanced to seduce the pallet. In addition, they offer an excellent selection of wines and spirts as to help you enjoy their intimate atmosphere. GRBIC, is Ecclectic European Cuisine at it’s finest.

Lemmon's St. Louis

Lemmons Restaurant       314-899-9898 Three siblings, two parents, one big idea. If you haven’t heard about us before; here’s the quick rundown. ​The ‘rents came from Bosnia, we were born and raised in South St. Louis {we=Erna, Ermin, Senada}. Heard of Grbic Restaurant? That’s us. The parents taught us what they know and now we are gonna give it a go… on our own!

Yaprak Sarma – Usually either an entrée or a full meal on its own, Yaprak Sarma is a vegetarian dish that uses grape or vine leaves to wrap around a filling of rice, onions and spices. This is a great entrée or appetizer, especially if you have a large crowd. Dolma – Great for the vegetarian, or as a side dish, Dolma consists of eggplant stuffed with rice onions and spices. You can also get this dish in the form of stuffed peppers or stuffed tomatoes.

Turkish Food St. Louis

Aya Sofia  314-645-9919 St. Louis Hills

Cafe Natasha’s 314-771-3411    South Grand

Central Cafe & Bakery   314-875-0657  Central West End

Gyro Grill   314-875-9465    University City Loop

Layla 314-553-9252  The Grove

Pan D’ Olive  314-647-8000    Franz Park

Ranoush   314-726-6875  University City

Royal Kebab House   314-932-7745 South Grand

Sameem Restaurant 314-534-9500 South Grand

Sheesh Restaurant 314-833-4321 South Grand

Lahmacun – Also known as a Turkish pizza, this dish can be eaten flat or rolled and eaten in a similar manner to a burrito. The bread is similar to a thick Indonesian Naan, but with a very spicy and flakey dough. The dish is usually served with ground beef and minced onions with lettuce, rocket or parsley.

Kebaps – Most St Louisans are familiar with, and love, a good Kebap, but few of them know that this tasty dish originated in Turkey. Turkish Kebaps consist of skewered meat (can sometimes include vegetables) that is grilled either over an open fire, or on grills found at STL restaurants. If you order them in Turkey, you can now get them in every sort of combination possible, including without a skewer! Popular meats found at Turkish restaurants in St. Louis include lamb, chicken and beef, and the meat can be dried or fresh. Most Turkish kebaps will also be spicy, so make sure you know what is on the dish.

Döner – Similar to Shaorma, this dish consists of thinly sliced, spiced meat. The dish is usually served on a pita, with carrots, yogurt or garlic sauce and lettuce.

Köfte – Similar to meatballs (and often called meatballs) Köfte consists of minced meat (lamb, pork, beef) with onions, spices and breadcrumbs. The dish can be shaped into any pattern and is usually served skewered and grilled with hot peppers and parsley with rice on the side.

Popular Turkish Dishes

Mänti – Think of a ravioli or dumpling with yogurt, and you have Mänti. This is a popular dish served at Turkish restaurants in St. Louis. It consists of dough spread thin and then filled with a minced meat (usually beef or lamb, salt and pepper and onions. They are usually made to be about the same size as perline, the Italian variation of ravioli, and then boiled in either tomato sauce or water. The dish is then arranged on a plate, sprinkled with parsley and topped with yogurt.

Turkish food has evolved over the centuries to accommodate every taste and budget, and you are almost certain to find something you like at a restaurant in St. Louis. For the most authentic taste of Turkey, try visiting some of their fast food stands, and visiting some of their small, out of the way restaurants as well.

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