Vegetarian Restaurants St Louis

vegetarian food St. LouisLooking for vegetarian restaurants in St. Louis? You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy a delicious meatless meal. at one of these establishments? You will often hear a carnivore declare such claims as, “I didn’t realize this could be so good” or “I never knew a vegetarian meal had so much flavor.” Many St. Louis restaurants offer a fine selection of vegetarian entrees on their menu and they are certainly worth checking out. Some people prefer this cuisine and diet and it doesn’t just mean that they are a poor hunter. Don’t worry. Many of these STL restaurants still offer meaty entrees as well.

St. Louis Vegetarian Restaurants

Everest Cafe  314-531-4800  Nepal, Vegetarian  The Grove
 Frida’s  314-727-6500  Vegetarian, Deli  University City
Guido’s  314-771-4900  Spanish, Pizza  The Hill
Haveli Indian Restaurant  314-863-9909  Indian  Northwest County
 Layla  314-553-9252  Middle Eastern  The Grove
 Lorenzo’s Trattoria  314-773-2223  Italian  The Hill
 Lulu’s Local Eatery  314-300-8215  Vegetarian  South Grand
 Pieology  Multiple Locations  Vegetarian Pizza  Multiple Locations
 Pizza Head  314-266-5400   Pizza, Vegan  South Grand
 Pura Vegan  314-931-5144  Vegetarian  Central West End
 Rise Coffee House  314-405-8171  Vegetarian, Coffee  The Grove
 Seedz Cafe  314-725-7333  Vegetarian  Clayton
 Treehouse  314-696-2100  Vegetarian South Grand
Wasabi  Multiple Locations  Japanese  Multiple Locations

Soup & Salad: While many people find it boring, every restaurant has a salad. Ordering the soup and salad, or just the salad is a great way to go vegetarian at an otherwise non-vegetarian friendly restaurant. Many restaurants offer a variety of salads and are willing to hold any meat options on the top. Soups usually include meat, but many restaurants also make options like pea soup, cucumber soup, and even French onion soup with no meat at all. Soup usually comes with a bread or garlic bread, so the meal is just as filling. Best of all, it’s also cheaper.

With more and more people deciding to become vegetarians for any of the numerous reasons. As a restult, many restaurants in St Louis are beginning to offer a selection of vegetarian and vegan food, Unfortunately, those dishes are few and far between compared to the ‘standard’ dishes, but many vegetarians can still find at least a few options to suit their needs. The options listed here are full vegetarian but most restaurants offer a great deal more options with fish for those who eat it.

Vegan Food St. Louis

Ratatouille: While not every St. Louis restaurant will offer this classic French dish, many do. Ratatouille is a vegetable dish that can be baked or stir fried depending on the chef. With fresh ingredients like eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, garlic, and sometimes carrots, it’s a hard temptation to resist. Ratatouille is often served with a side of noodles, and in some cases served with meat. Pay attention to the menu and simply ask the chef to make it vegan if they have included meat.

ChickPea Tagine: Once again, not every restaurant will offer this dish, but itvegan restaurant st louis is popular enough that many do. Tagine is essentially a soup that has been cooked together with a variety of vegetables and simmered in a broth. Unfortunately the exact ingredients can greatly vary according to the chef so you’ll just have to try any local options to find out what it’s like.

Vegetable Sandwich: Did you know that more and more restaurants are starting to serve vegetable sandwiches? If all veg isn’t your thing, many also have tofu sandwiches with fried or grilled tofu. You can also find a range of cucumber and cheese, avocado, bean sprout, and even bell pepper sandwiches at many STL restaurants.

St. Louis Vegan and Vegetarian Food

Bean Burritos: Simple, but delicious, the bean burrito is a vastly underrated vegetarian staple. Bean Burritos can be purchased literally anywhere Mexican food in St. Louis can be found, and often for an extremely low price. Adding cheese is usually somewhere around the 50 cent mark, and many restaurants offer you the choice of corn or flour tortillas. Some also offer bean tacos, or a variety of options such as black bean or brown bean burritos.

Depending on the restaurant there might be any of a number of options available. Different types of vegetarian pasta at St. Louis Italian restaurants are among the most popular options, but there are plenty of different types ranging from restaurant to restaurant. Some Middle Eastern restaurants might offer exotics like Falafel, while others will stick with traditional mushroom and bean or vegetable dishes.