African Food St. Louis

African Food St. Louis

Are you interested in exploring African food in St. Louis? Africa is a continent that happens to be just as diverse, and probably much more as compared to North America, this is not based on economic or political aspect but somewhat in cultural and social diversification. Though it is the second largest landmass, African cuisine differs tremendously throughout the continent, and even their dishes have become an integral part of everyday Western delicacies regardless of whether you realize it or not.

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  • African Palace   314-921-4600    West African Cuisine in Florissant
  • Baida             314-932-7950     Moroccan Restaurant on South Grand
  • Merhaba       314.833.4477      Eritrean Food in North STL County
  • Meskereem    314.772.4442     Ethiopian Restaurant in South St. Louis
  • Ye Ethiopian    314-361-9202    Ethiopian Food in University City

Whenever people give some thought to African cuisine not too many stuff may come to mind. Nevertheless, we are experiencing African influenced meals styles almost everywhere. African cuisine could be classified into regions which include North, South, Central, East and West Africa. North African dishes are regarded as the sought after or at lease most common in St. Louis as well as other U.S. cities. There is indeed so much to learn about African recipes not to mention customs, however, let us stick to a survey of the most popular dishes in the Africa cuisine.

African Cuisine St. Louis

The most frequent essential foods for the region are seafood, goat, lamb, beef, olives, almonds, as well as various vegetables and fruit. Due to a large number of Muslims, pork is less sacrosanct as ingredient compared to the rest of the world. The preferred northern African food is most likely couscous, which has turn out to be preferred in cuisines across the globe including North America and France. Even while most of the states share a very similar cuisine, they are also entirely different. For example Tex-Mex and Mexican dish, sometimes you will discover dishes that have a similar name, but yet are incredibly different.

South African Food: Dishes in Southern Africa are sometimes referred to as “rainbow cuisine” due to its mix of influences from native tribes, Europe and Asia. The native tribes of Southern Africa were split into two major groups and numerous subgroups, with every one of them having their unique custom and also a method of preparing meals. The most populous of them were the Bantu natives. These days Black and White South Africans enjoy “braai” (South African barbeque) on the weekends which includes grilled beef, not so distinct from a conventional summertime weekend in the United States.

Central Africa Food: In regards to changes in times, Central Africa has consistently stuck to their culinary origins. Due to the area in Central Africa, numerous dish patterns do not get into the continent that far inland other than the adaptation of cassava , peanuts and chili peppers, which happens to be a prime reason why the people here make use of traditional condiment. Within this area stew such as spinach and peanut, the stew is served for special events.

African Restaurant St. Louis

East African Food: The delicacies of Eastern Africa differ by district, but culturally cattle rearing individuals do not consume beef, seeing that cattle, sheep as well as goats were considered as a currency rather than a food source. In few places, the milk and even the blood of livestock were consumed, but usually not the beef. In some other areas, farmers cultivate grains and vegetables, starches making up most of the food. Maize (corn) is the fundamental constituent in “ugali,” a starch food which is consumed with meats and also stews.

West African Food: Nowadays, Western Africa keeps on embracing traditional rituals such as valuing water very seriously. Especially in the drier places. Anytime a guest enters a house, a cup of water is the very first thing they will be greeted with. West African cuisine happens to be changing these days, with the increase of beef, salt and also fat in their food plan. In the past, conventional dishes utilized local palm oils and many leafy greens. The beef to choose from in Africa is a goat; however, you may also come across chicken and beef kabobs at roadside stands. is a great resource for finding out about dishes served around the world as well as at African restaurants in St. Louis.

African Food Map is a nice site that showcases different African cuisine by region.