Brazilian Cuisine


Brazilian cuisine is quite similar to other Latin American cuisine. However, it remains distinct in its own unique way. Brazilian cuisine is considered a melting pot of various cultures and cuisines. Therefore, Brazilian restaurants vary in that some choose to serve their food buffet-style while others go for the traditional ala-carte. Ingredients such as cassava, guarana and Brazilian nuts are some of the most frequently used in Brazilian dishes. Some popular fruits used in cooking are acai, hog plum, cupuacu, pineapple, mango, passionfruit, papaya, orange and guava. Walk into a Brazilian restaurant and you would be hard-pressed not to find them serving rice, beans, fish, beef and pork.

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Brazilian cuisine was largely influenced by European immigrants. These include GermanItalian, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese. These said immigrants were responsible for introducing wine, dairy products, and leafy vegetables to Brazilian dishes. It is not uncommon to encounter lasagne, yakisoba and gnocchi as well in some Brazilian food in St. Louis.

Popular foods served at St Louis restaurants include caruru, feijoada, tutu de feijao, moqueca capixaba, chourico, salgadinhos, cheese buns, cuscus branco, pasteis, cachaca and coxinha. Polenta is often substituted for rice in many dishes. Kibe or quibe, whether baked, raw or fried, is often served in many Brazilian restaurants.

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A popular Middle Eastern dish that was recently introduced to Brazilian cuisine is esfiha. Today it is found in numerous Brazilian restaurants. It is a pie or cake that is filled with either beef, seasoned vegetables, cheese curd or mutton. Empada, pinhao, risotto, mortadella sandwiches, pizza, corn bread, angu, and arroz com pequi are also other popular dishes served at Brazilian restaurants. To nobody’s surprise, seafood is pretty popular in Brazilian cuisine given the country’s proximity to the sea. Vatapa, moqueca de peixe, and cururu de camarao are dishes that are commonly found in Brazilian restaurants.

When it comes to desserts, Brazilian cuisine is not lacking in any way. Popular Brazilian cakes include pao de mel, bolo de banana, bolo de rolo, bolo de laranja, bolo de cenoura, bolo de quieijo, bolo prestigio, bola de mandioca, bola de fuba, bola de maracuja, bola de milho, and bola de maracauja. Acai ne tigela, quindim, papo-de-anjo, brigadeiro, pamonha, biscoitos de maizena, maria-mole, beijinho, doce de banana, cajuzinho, rapadura, cocada, pudim de leite, pudim de pao, manjar, doce de leite, rice pudding, canjica, romeu e julieta, lemon pie, pacoca, and pudim de leite.