Buffets in St. Louis

St. Louis buffetsIf you’re considering going to a buffet, then you should decide which types of food that you want to eat. While there are many different types of buffets, most of them sell specific types of food. Therefore, you should narrow down your options and choose something specific. Many foods are not quite suitable for serving at a buffet, so you might notice that there aren’t always as many options on a buffet as there are on a menu. However, there are several benefits to eating at a buffet including that you can choose exactly what you get on your plate. Check out these buffets in St. Louis

Buffets in St. Louis

Haveli Indian FoodHaveli Indian Restaurant  Indian cuisine is probably one of the most interesting cuisines in the world. Bursting with colour, flavour and texture, it is no wonder why many have been enthralled by this delightful cuisine at St Louis Indian restaurants.

St. Louis Buffet Restaurants Phone Number  Location  Attributes
 Ari’s  314-644-4424  South Hampton  Breakfast Buffet
 Bamboo Bistro  314-241-8884  Downtown  Asian Food
 Cafe Madeleine  314-575-5658  Central West End  Breakfast
 Gokul  314-721-1888  University City  Indian
 Haveli Indian Restaurant  314-423-7300  Page/Dielman  Indian Food
 Himalayan Yeti   314-354-8338  South City  Indian
 Hokkaido  314-270-9401  South County  Steak – Sushi
 House of India  314-567-6850  University City  Indian
 Mongolian BBQ Buffet  314-878-1998  Chesterfield  Mongolia
 Mr. Curry’s  314-241-2877  Downtown  Indian

St. Louis Buffets

There are buffets available for a wide range of different types of food. So you can look around and find something that suits your preferences. While Chinese and American are the most common, you can also find Barbeque buffets, Mongolian buffets, Dim Sum buffets, and Sushi buffets.

American Food: Various American cuisine dishes are very popular to serve in buffet restaurants. These dishes typically include mashed potatoes, corn, peas, gravy, fried chicken, steak or Salisbury steak, hamburgers, and various types of sausages depending on the restaurant. Green beans, several types of potatoes and usually more than one type of gravy are usually present in an American style buffet.

Chinese Food: Chinese food is probably the most popular type of buffet cuisine because it heats up easily, is stored is sauce so that it is not dried out by heat lamps, and offers diners a range of different dishes to choose from. While the exact dishes offered do vary from restaurant to restaurant, most feature some variety of eggrolls or spring rolls, fried rice, chop suey, sweet and sour chicken, and a variety of other dishes made with fruit, seafood, and chicken. Peanut pork or chicken, mussels, and melons are all very popular at Chinese buffets.

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Breakfast: Breakfast buffets are popular in a wide variety of restaurants, including those without a dinner buffet. Most breakfast buffets include standard breakfast fare such as eggs cooked in a variety of ways. Diners will also find pancakes, waffles, sausages, and usually some types of fruit such as strawberries, orange or grapefruit, and melon. In some cases, cereals and milk are also available.

Salad: Salad bars are another type of buffet that is frequently seen, even when the restaurant does not have a traditional dinner buffet. Salad buffets usually include a variety of vegetables, fruits, and salad. In addition you will find toppings such as shrimp, cheese, and chopped ham, with which the diner can construct their own salads. These types of buffets are usually complementary with a meal, although it is possible to purchase a meal just from the salad bar.

Dessert: Finally, nearly every type of restaurant has some sort of desert buffet, although true ‘buffets’ are mostly only seen in restaurants with a standard buffet. In most cases, a desert buffet will include deserts from the U.S., Europe, and the Caribbean, no matter what type of cuisine the restaurant services. For example, ice cream, a cream pie, a few types of cake, and usually a nut pie or brittle are very common.