Cajun – Creole St. Louis

cajun food St. LouisWhat exactly is Cajun cuisine? Cajun is the term that is used to describe food that originates from French-speaking immigrants based in Louisiana. It is one of the most unique cuisines in the world. Cajun food is often described as rustic. This is because the ingredients used in Cajun recipes are local and organic. Cajun food is also a breeze to prepare and for this reason, it has quickly become a favorite among many people. Cajun meals are often three-fold. One pot contains the main dish; the second contains steamed rice and sausages or seafood, while the third dish typically contains vegetables or anything else that is readily available. Cajun cuisine also makes generous use of ground cayenne and black pepper. Many Cajun dishes contain bell pepper, celery and onion.

Cajun Food St. Louis

St. Louis Cajun Restaurants  Phone  Location
 Balentine’s Restaurant and Bar  314-833-4339  Soulard, Lafayette Square
 BB’s Jazz Blues & Soups  314-436-5222  Downtown
 Bones French Quarter  314-391-8291  West County
 Boogalo  314-645-4803  Maplewood
 Broadway Oyster Bar  314-621-8811  Downtown
 Evangeline’s  314-367-3644  Central West End
 Gulf Shores  Multiple Locations  Creve Coeur & Edwardsville
 Hardshell Cafe  314-231-1869  Soulard
 Juniper  314-329-7696  Central West End
 Lotawata  618-628-7373  Fairview Heights
 Molly’s  314-241-6200  Soulard
 Sassy Jac’s  314-923-1080  Soulard
 Sister Cities Cajun  314-405-0447  Benton PArk
 The Kitchen Sink  314-454-1551  Central West End
 Zydeco Blues Bar  314-858-1158  West County

Boudin is one of the most popular dishes served in Cajun restaurants in St. Louis. Boudin is a kind of sausage that is made of green onions, pork, garlic, rice and pork liver. It is typically cooked on a daily basis as it does not keep for long periods of time. In Cajun restaurants, boudin is usually served alongside bread or rice dressing. Boudin balls are also popular especially in restaurants in Southern Louisiana

Another favourite in restaurants serving Cajun/creole cuisine is gumbo. Gumbo is a type of soup that contains a gauntlet of food items. The heavy influence of African and Native American cultures on Cajun cuisine becomes evident with this signature Cajun dish. Sassafras leaves are used for the thickening of this stew. A classic gumbo recipe usually contains chicken and andouille (a Cajun sausage) but ingredients can vary depending on what is available at the moment.

Cajun – Creole Food

Jambalaya is a food item that is almost always present in Cajun restaurants. It bears similarities to paella but does not contain any saffron and it usually contains chicken, beef, shrimp or crawfish. Hot chilli peppers, green peppers, celery and onion are also found in most jambalaya recipes.

Other popular Cajun dishes at St. Louis Restaurants include potato salad, poutine, gumbo des herbes, Cajun rice, couche couche, crepe, boiled crawfish, brochette, maque choux, seafood-stuffed mirliton, tasso, tarte a la bouillie, catfish court-bouillion, pecan pralines, crawfish etouffee, crawfish bisque, fried frog legs, hog’s head cheese, rice and gravy, cochon de lait, etoufee, dirty rice, and crawfish pie.

Popular desserts served at include bananas foster bread pudding, white chocolate mousse, berries artesia, whiskey balls, cherries jubilee, sweet potato pone, creole bread pudding with whiskey, strawberry shortcake, bread pudding soufflé, spumone, candied yam and white chocolate ice cream, semolina soufflé cake, chocolates crepes with fresh strawberries, pecan pie, chocolate doberge cake, fig and pecan pie, king cake, key lime pie, and gateau de sirop.