Central West End Restaurants

CWE Restaurants

The Central West End is eclectic area of St. Louis located in the city’s central corridor just North and East of Forest Park.  In addition to a diverse selection of local STL restaurants and dining options, the Central West End or, the CWE, also features a number of select shops and art galleries.  It is a popular area for both dinner and lunch as it is located close to the Highway and so well as some of St. Louis’ largest employers such as Barnes. Whether you’re just visiting, trying to decide whether or not you want to stay there, or even moving, there are plenty of things to do in Central West End St. Louis.

Central West End Restaurants 

Pickleman's St. Louis

Pickleman’s uses the highest quality product with fresh produce to create profound and unique flavor profiles people love. Offering a wide variety of Toasted Sandwiches, Pizzas, Soups, Salads and Desserts.  

There is plenty to see and do in Central West End but there are also a few things to keep in mind. For example, parking tends to be poor, especially in the summer. However, with a very central metro station, it’s easy to park at Grand Station, Forest Park Station, or Central U City Loop Station and then take the metro to Central West End.

Forest Park: Forest Park is just a short walk from Central West End and is great no matter what the time of the year. The Park is known as the ‘Heart of Saint Louis’ and was originally opened in 1876, and includes 1,371 acres of land with plenty of wildlife to see on your trip. Key areas include a golf cours, the World Fair Pavilion and plenty of the area’s biggest attractions.

Famous for its many bars and restaurants, and the nightlife the closes down at 1PM, the Central West End is a tiny slice of the West Coast right in St. Louis, but what besides shopping is there to do in the neighborhood?

CWE Restaurants

Baiku Sushi Lounge                314-896-2500            Sushi

Bait                                             314-405-2797            Seafood

Bar Italia                                   314-361-7010             Italian

Bar Louie                                  314-678-3385             Bar

Brassiere                                   314-454-0600             French

Brennan’s                                  314-497-4449            American

Cafe Osage                                314-454-6868             Brunch

Culpepper’s                              314-361-2828             American

Dressel’s Pub                            314-361-1060             British

Drunken Fish                           314-367-4222             Japanese

India Rasoi                               314-361-6911              Indian

Juniper                                      314-329-7696              Southern

Kampai                                     314-367-2020               Japanese

Mary Ann’s Tea Room           314-361-5303                Tea Room

Midtown Sushi                        314-328-2452                Japanese

Pickle’s Deli                            314-361-3354               Deli

The Preston                              314-633-7800             American

Retreat Gastro Pub                  314-261-4497           American

Scottish Arms                            314-535-0551            Scottish

Sub Zero                                     314-367-1200            Sushi

Sushi Koi                                    314-367-2209            Sushi

Tom’s Bar and Grill                  314-367-4900            American

Vicia                                              314-553-9229           American

West End Grill                            314-553-9239           American

West End Wok                             314-531-4607          Chinese

Wild Flower                               314-367-9888           American

Restaurants Central West End

The Chase Park Plaza: For those who love grandeur, the Chase Park Plaza is one of the best upscale hotels and landmarks in the region. The Chase Park Plaza was originally built in 1922 and offers a full range of amenities including a theatre, five star dining, and luxury rooms. The several well regarded St. Louis restaurants located within or nearby The Chase.

Missouri History Museum: For those who like history, the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park is a must see. Founded in 1866, the museum now houses the history of St. Louis, and of Missouri. Admission is free, and guided tours for groups of ten or smaller are available. More Info