European Cuisine

European Restaurant St. LouisEuropean food is such a broad category that it is hard to know just where to begin. Not only are there differences by country, there are regional differences within countries. As an example: France alone makes over 300 varieties of cheese. Reading books, magazines, and websites is one way to learn all about the latest food trends and most authentic dishes of this region. Another – and a much more enjoyable way to experience the diversity of food, culture, and people – is to travel there and experience it for yourself.

European Cuisine St. Louis

European Restaurants  Phone  Attributes  Location
Grbic Restaurant  314-772-3100  European, Bosnian  South St Louis
Guido’s Pizzeria & Tapas  314-771-4900  Italian & Spanish  The Hill
Lemmons Restaurant  314-899-9898  Balkan  South city
Lorenzo’s Trattoria  314-773-2223  Italian  The Hill
McArthur’s s Bakery & Deli  Multiple Location  Germany Bakery  Multiple Location
Michael’s Bar & Grill  314-644-2240  Greek  Maplewood

European cuisine is a term that applies to any foods found in the Western hemisphere, but excluding the Americas. Typically the cuisine is referred to as Continental Cuisine, especially when referring to UK meals. European culture greatly varies from one country to the next. Therefore, the food can be widely different across borders.

European Food at St. Louis Restaurants

Breakfast: European breakfasts can be influenced by American cuisine but are much more likely to be simple repasts composed of bread. Condiments can include a chocolate paste, sprinkles, butter, eggs, a type of bacon similar to Canadian Bacon, luncheon meat, and boiled eggs. Salads are typically reserved for lunch and dinner in American cuisine. Many areas, especially the UK, fully incorporate familiar food items including pancakes, crepes, French or Egg Toast, eggs, beans, bacon of either American or European varieties. Coffee however is not normally served with breakfast.

Lunch: Lunch is often an extension of breakfast which can be quite late. This meal is normally composed of bread, sandwiches, pie, cake, or other sweets. Many European countries also serve soup. In areas including Greece and Turkey, lunch is more likely to include a selection of fresh and raw fruits, vegetables and cheese.

European Restaurant St. Louis

Dinner/Supper : Dinner or supper is typically the last meal of the day. Normally it is served between 5 and 8 o’clock. Like American cuisine, dinner dishes often rely heavily on meat, potatoes and vegetables. Typical dishes include stews such as Hungarian Goulash, Irish Stew, Ukrainian Borscht, or Serbian Duvect. Winter dishes are typically heavier than summer ones, consisting of more meat and potatoes. Summer dishes are usually lighter, fresher and feature more fresh vegetables and salads. Some countries, such as the Netherlands, often serve a variety of salads with every meal. In fact, they even incorporate greens such as spinach or broccoli into typical whipped or mashed potatoes. The French Croquette is a worldwide favorite with the Dutch version, the Kroket usually considered to be tastier.

Spanish dishes typically rely on fish, chicken and incorporate a great deal of olive oil, for which Spain is famous. Italian dishes are similar to, but not precisely the same as Italian dishes in STL food establishments. For the UK, hearty food such as Beef Wellington, pot pie, smoked fish, and fish and chips are all quite popular as dinner menu items. Turkish dish Kebab (not served on a stick) and Shaorma are very popular as a type of fast food. Indian curries in a variety of spices are also very popular throughout Europe, but most especially in the UK.

European Cuisine

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Desserts: Desserts are quite commonly served in Europe about an hour or two after dinner. Most of the time, deserts are served in small portions and generally come with coffee or strong tea. Common deserts include ice cream, whipped cream pie and filled cake, cookies of all kinds, and apple pie.

European foods do vary across the whole of Europe. Therefore, something that is considered an everyday menu item in one country might not be available in another. Keep this in mind when planning your next St. Louis food outing.