Vietnamese Food in St. Louis

Vietnamese Food St. Louis

What makes Vietnamese food taste so good? Have you had the pleasure of tasting Vietnamese cuisine? You will love it!  Could it be their sweet, hot, sour and fish sauciness aroma, or the fresh vegetables and fresh herbs ( cilantro, basil, coriander, and dill) that are incorporated in all their dishes? The herbs are mostly found in their spring rolls, sandwiches, rice and noodle dishes. Northern Vietnamese food is mostly influenced by China with the noodle spicy soups and stir fries. In the south side of Vietnam you will see more tropical foods and cuisines such as ees, coconut patties, and many dishes with organic palm sugar. We hope this page is of value to you when looking for Vietnamese food in St. Louis

Vietnam is the second largest exporter of rice, which is why the two most basic ingredients in foods are rice and fish sauce. Vietnamese people will eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner in rice porridge, sticky rice, soups, and rice noodles. Vietnam’s salt derives from fish sauce that is used in just about every dish.

Vietnamese Restaurants

Raw fruits are thought of a vegetable in Vietnam; a banana flower or a green papaya will be used as a base in a salad. Instead of having pie or cake for dessert, ripe fresh fruit such as dragonfruit, papaya, banana, mango and pineapple are offer as dessert.

Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese Sandwich: A sandwich has been said to be both a coveted in Vietnam as well as a popular Vietnamese food in St. Louis It is found on any street corner or touring site.  It includes: pork loin chops, chili sauce with garlic, red onions, cucumber, fresh cilantro, lime juice, and salt and pepper.

Litchi fruit: Litchi fruit looks like a raspberry or strawberry and is known to have many health benefits like preventing breast cancer (flavonoids) , blood circulation, vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, litchi fruit is good for your skin, tissues and bones.

Durian: Is classified as one of the best foods that is prickly, green, sweet and full of vitamins and minerals. Durian is also popular for prevent many health problems such as cardiovascular disease, anemia, and constipation. Likewise, it can also strengthen your bones, is good for your skin, and keep your blood glucose leveled.  Some foods made with Durian are sticky rice, sweet soup and ice cream. Ask your server about it the next time you are at a restaurant enjoying Vietnamese food in St. Louis

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Cuisine of Vietnam

Pho: Pho is a popular soup dish with meat parts, usually beef or chicken, cilantro lime wedges, mint, basil, chili sauce, bean sprouts and is usually served as a breakfast dish.

BÚN CHẢ: Rice vermicelli is a must have, must order dish that includes grilled pork sausage, veggies, sauced, bean sprouts, and a bunch of greens.

BÁNHXÈO: Sizzling pancake which has a pizza look to it. It is made from scratch starting with the bater which includes rice flour, turmeric, and coconut milk. The rest of the ingredients include shrimp or pork, and a handful of bean sprouts, and lastly you add herbs and lettuce.